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Who we are

Greatlakes Freight and Transport company is an independently owned freight forwarding company with its headquarters in Dar es salaam, Tanzania. We also have two subsidiary office located in the port cities of Mombasa, Kenya and Beira, Mozambique.


To supplement our main ports gateway offices, we also have satellite offices in all the neighbouring landlocked countries. It is one of East, Central and Southern Africa’s leading providers of freight and transport services.


What Are Our Services?

Greatlakes Freight is a fully-fledged freight and transport services company. We provide the best services at the most competitive rates to all our clients. We have the capacity and knowledge to handle Containerized, Out-of-Gauge, Reefers, Over-sized, Dangerous, Bulk and Break Bulk cargo to all destinations within the region.

Customs Clearance

With Offices located in strategic Port cities (Dar es Salaam, Mombasa & Beira) supported by satellite offices at border points and cities of Kigali, Bujumbura, Lusaka, Harare, Blantyre, Kampala and Lubumbashi, we guarantee transparency, reliability, speed and high quality services at all times.

Road Transport

We offer second to none transportation services to our clients across Eastern, Central and Southern Africa. We guarantee reliability and best transit times to all our destinations within the region. As our client, you will be provided with daily updates of movement of your goods until they reach final destination.

Ocean Freight

Our strong partnership with Shipping Lines, enables us to offer our clients competitive rates to and fro overseas destination. We pride ourselves to connecting Eastern, Central and Southern Africa to the rest of the world by offering customized freight forwarding solutions that suits our client's needs.

Air Freight

When time is of the essence, our air freight services are your best option as we offer daily worldwide deliveries. We understand our clients contractual obligations to time sensitive cargo. Regardless if you are shipping perishables, hazardous or any other time bound cargo that needs to be delivered fast and on time, we got you covered.

We provide our customers with the best freight and transport solutions for all types of goods.

Global presence

Our extensive network, backed by our strategic partnerships, makes us a local provider with a global reach. We have associate offices located in Dubai, Mumbai and Guangzhou which improves our footprint in the Asian markets. We continue to improve our global outreach to the rest of the world.

Realtime information.

Real-time information empowers the customers by providing transparency on delivery of goods and expected timelines to reach destination. The codes, tracking numbers and data are recorded methodically by Greatlakes Freight & Transport, which then is shared with customers for tracking of their goods.

Skilled staffs.

Our highly skilled staff are key to our success. Our employees stand out because of their values, team work, passion and striving for new solutions. We go the extra mile to understand customer's requirements and deliver on our commitments. We believe in teamwork, innovation and providing the highest standards services all times.

Unlimited vision and ability to adapt.

Logistics in Africa is ever evolving as the landscape and policies are on constant change for the better. This creates new opportunities for Greatlakes and its clients to tap in to new markets and provide different solutions to remote places across the region. We are always at the forefront of any changes happening to our markets and ensure that our client’s businesses are not affected by being able to adapt in advance.

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Complete freight and transport solutions for the movement of cargo across Africa and beyond.


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Highest quality
Service possible

We have no doubt that our core policy of honesty with responsibility and our efficient high quality services to customers will continue to guide us in the years to come.